Chapter 20 – Uruguay Vs England

This is the hardest blog I’ve written to date.

As an Englishman I was obviously disappointed with the result, but I’m trying not to be just a fan and say the ref was rubbish and that’s the only reason England lost!

Having said that, and speaking from a referees point of view, Carlos Velasco Carballo was poor.

He correctly cautioned the Uruguayan captain Godin for handball but he should’ve cautioned him again for a foul on Daniel Sturridge. That foul in itself could’ve been a red card, had it been deemed as violent conduct. A forearm to the throat is not something I could give just a free kick for!


The referee obviously saw it as he gave a free kick but he failed to show a second yellow card. Why? Even ex-premier league referee Mark Halsey tweeted his shock at Godin still being on the pitch!

Some referees, I include myself in this, will not want to issue an early red as it can spoil the game. I tend to be a lot stricter in the second half than I am in the first. Something I was criticised during an assessment from an FA assessor. Sometimes though, you have to if it’s an obvious one.

But it was dissent I was letting go, trying to understand the players frustration.

A little while ago I wrote a chapter titled “A foul is a foul”. In which I stated no matter where the foul takes place it’s a foul, whether it results in a free kick or penalty. The same theory applies to cautions after fouls. Dissent is a little bit different as that’s a personal tolerance level.

There was also a heavy challenge in the second half which went unpunished. Yes the ball was won, but the angle and speed the defender came in at, could’ve caused injury. As players safety is the referees primary concern.

Steven Gerrard was correctly cautioned for a foul. Although at the time I shouted at my tele something along the lines of “get up! That’s never a foul!” Having seen the replays I must give credit where credits due and say that was a good decision.

The game finished with 1 booking for each side. There should’ve been a few more, and not just for Uruguay!

Ref rating 5/10

4 thoughts on “Chapter 20 – Uruguay Vs England

  1. you cant seriously blame the ref. Blame the managers substitutions. This game screamed for Lampard in the attacking midfield role Barkley was in as he is the nearest thing to a guarantee of goals from midfield.

    • Wasn’t blaming the ref at all. It was tongue in cheek as that’s what most fans tend to say when their team loses. Suarez is an unbelievable talent who probably still would have scored 2 even if Uruguay had ten men!

  2. You state “a foul is a foul” implying refs should give the same in the are as out – for what it’s worth I disagree but that’s not my point.

    You say how things should be treated the same – no matter where on the pitch or when in the game – and say that dissent is down to a referee’s own tolerance. I agree that it is but by your own admission you’re “stricter in the second half” so even your own tolerance level is not consistent from half to half.

    • I agree. I got hammered for it in an assessment. It is hard to to be consistent through the whole game because you fear spoiling the game by issuing cards too early. I try to understand the players point of view in terms of the dissent which is why I tend be stricter in the second half. I am in no way saying that I am 100% right all the time when referee just trying to let people know what the powers that be expect. Thanks for the comment though.

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