Back in the middle and back blogging!

 I keep slipping into the bad habit of not writing! There are several factors for this. I have 3 children that keep me on my toes, a job that means I’m out the house for 16-18 hours a day, and something to write my stuff on! But hopefully I will be able to post more regular articles as my amazing wife has bought me a tablet for Christmas, which she has given to me early so I will now be able to start working on stuff on my commute.

I have really missed writing my posts. I have often sat there after the kids have gone to bed watching Match of the Day or Sky Sports News and thought to myself “this would make a good blog” but I never find the time to post something. There has been so much controversy in the professional game, so much to write about but unfortunately for me not enough time!

What l am writing today is my own refereeing experience, as for the first time in a long while l picked up my whistle and got back out in the middle. l refereed four youth games and after each game I could feel the energy draining out of me! As soon as l completed game number four I was ready for my bed. To think I used to do 3/4 games every Sunday, I’m glad I had Monday off work.

I have been refereeing for a number of years and thought I had seen it all, on Sunday at around 11:15ish l was proven wrong. I felt I had a good first game back but wasn’t expecting what happened after l collected my flags from the coaches and had shaken the hands of the managers. Both sets of parents applauded me as l walked off the pitch! Anyone who has refereed youth football of any standard will tell you the parents can be worse than the children! These two sets of parents were a credit to their teams. As the day went on and the tiredness kicked in my positioning got worse but l always made sure I was in a good enough position to be able to make any decision required. I felt the discipline was better than the last time l refereed In this league, of the four games I did l only had two minor incidents of dissent, nothing major, just disagreeing with a decision. If that never happened in a game I would give up football!

I’m not sure the next time I will be out in the middle but hopefully it won’t be as long, but until then I will be back to posting at least once a week.

I would like to end this post by thanking my wonderful wife for buying me a fantastic present and for giving it to me early, also for putting up with me hogging the TV!    

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