Hands on, a good decision?

Watford’s first goal against Liverpool, should it have been allowed to stand? WeIl, to us watching on TV it’s easy to say no.

Referee Mark Clattenburg can’t see it in slow motion. If I’m being 100% honest if I was in the same position I would ‘ve given a goal. As Bogdan attemps to claim the original cross he drops it, he gets two hands on the ball after it bounces. As he gets his hands on it, Watford’s Nathan Ake goes to kick the ball but catches the Liverpool keeper’s hands. The ball spiIls out and Ake has a tap in but with the naked eye in real time the referee believes he has spilled it for a second time.



Ake knocks the ball out Of the Liverpool 'keepers hands

It’s difficult to know for sure if Bogdan would’ve had the ball under complete control if Ake hadn’t knocked the ball out of his hands, but I can only make my observations on what I see.

This isn’t a refereeing error, because it’s almost impossible to realise what happened at normal speed when you’re right there. Would a video referee have helped on this situation? For me, yes it would have, as by the time Liverpool restarted the game the replay could’ve been watched 3/4 times and from most angles too. The game could’ve restarted with a free kick in the same time. But lets not take too much away from referees as I would have nothing to write about!

Using technology has been a top debate since I can remember. How far should we go? What decisions should be made by a video referee? I may go in to more details on my views on this matter at a later date, but I do think referees at the highest level should have all the assistance available to them. Everyones biggest concerns are time.

lt’s easy to say referees are rubbish when you don’t have the refs view!  

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